Frequent questions

information on the Electronic Signature
What is the Advanced Electronic Signature (AES)?

The advanced electronic signature (AES) is the tool that allows you to sign electronic documents, granting them legal validity according to Law 19,799, it has a probative value of "full means of proof", therefore it allows the signing of contracts and documents as established by the Law, guaranteeing the authentication, integrity and non-repudiation of documents.

What is the MINSEGPRES signature (OTP)?

The government of Chile has developed an Advanced Electronic Signature (ADS) for public officials in areas of digitizing procedures that require authentication. To start the authorization of an institution on the platform, it is necessary that the Ministry or Body to which it belongs or with which the institution is related has an agreement signed with Minsegpres. In LTEC, the MINSEGPRES signature is known as OTP Signature (On Time Password).

What users use OTP signature?


What users use ADS signature?


How do I get an electronic signature from a Fiscal Inspector (OTP)?
How do I get a Resident Electronic Signature (ADS)?
Can I use my signature without EToken?

No, as stipulated in Res DGOP 511 May 2019, the validation of the ADS (Advance Digital Signature( must be through the EToken.

How do I download viafirma application?
What do I need to install the viafirma driver?

Download viafirma and follow the instructions until the end.

How to use my electronic signature with viafirma?

You must have previously activated your ADS (Advance Digital Signature( according to the manuals of your accrediting entity, then have the viafirma driver downloaded and executed on your computer, then you only have to click on "sign", insert your EToken, select your credential and confirm the signature with your EToken password.

Account inquiries
How to activate my account?

Check the email sent by to your account and click on the link "Confirm my account" again. If it doesn't make it to your inbox, check your Spam folder.

How do I get a user account at LTEC?

The user must be created by the resident, the Fiscal inspector or the LTEC support team at their request.

How do I change my password?

On the Login page click "I forgot my password" and look for the individual password reset link that will be sent to your email.

I can't login to my account

Verify that the email is well written and that your username is active. A Resident, Inspector, or Specialist must not elect income as an administrator. If the problem persists, contact support.

Queries on the use of the platform
How to attach files?

You must fill in the required characters, save the folio in draft and then attach the files.

Can I attach videos to the folios of the books?

Yes, but with a suggested weight limit of 100MB but it could be larger.

Can I upload editable documents to the DWB (Digital Work Book)?

Yes, you can add editable documents associated with folios in excel and word formats.

Where are the files stored?

In the document repository of the digital folder.

Can I delete the information from the folios?

You can edit and delete information on a folio as long as it has not been signed.

Can I edit a folio after it is signed?

No, it is only allowed to edit a draft folio.

How do I know that the counterpart received the information?

Through the "seen" mark of its counterpart.

How to mark a folio as "seen"?

Using the same procedure to sign a folio. Only users of the counterparty with signing power can mark as seen.

General inquiries
How many books can I have per work?

LTEC has a structure of books according to the type of contract, among which are included as requested:

  • Master Work Book (Unidirectional).
  • Specialties or Auxiliary Books (Bidirectional and as many as required).
Who creates the project?

The construction company is responsible for commissioning the creation of the work book when contracting the LTEC service.

Who creates the books?

The Fiscal Inspector from the platform or the LTEC support team at the request of the same.

How many users can I have per work?

The number of users per contract is unlimited, the profiles will have access to read, write, and sign pages according to the role they fulfill within the work.

Can I be assigned to more than one contract at the same time?

Yes, depending on the role you play in your contract.

Who needs to sign a folio?

Tax Inspectors, Residents and Specialists.

What days are the monthly reports delivered?

The 5th business day of each month.

Do the monthly reports replace the information required in the terms of the contract?

No, the data entry in the monthly reports is parallel and complementary.

Queries about the Provision of Service
How is the payment of the service made?

The service charge is per month in advance, billing can be paid through deposits or bank transfers.

How long is the monthly charge?

The collection of the monthly value lasts until the provisional reception sheet for the work is issued, where the administrative collection activities are suspended; If in the period between the provisional and definitive reception activities are carried out in the contract, only the month of its use is charged.

How long is the contract information backed up?

Once the work is finished, the documentation remains published for a period of 5 years.