About Us 


We seek to support the efficiency, productivity and management of projects that operate remotely in Latin America, using Lean IT technology and support systems that are highly user-friendly and interactive with a human approach.


Deliver simple and efficient technological tools to improve productivity, control and report activities in construction, civil works projects, logistics operations, industrial operations, mining and activities that are remote and require diverse personnel, systems and logistics, support operations, through operations process and technological systems that are designed in a Lean, ergonomic manner and connect users with their support areas, giving greater visibility of the operations and management tools to organizations.

Our Team


Juan Fuentealba

Founder/ IT Manager

Electronic Engineer from the Federico Santa María Technical University specialized in the development of web technology solutions


Hans Araya

Founder / Customer Service Manager

Electronic Engineer from the Federico Santa María Technical University specialized in the development of high-impact technological solutions


Virla Rebolledo

Founder / CEO

High experience in systems development, user training, development of management and learning platforms. Computer Engineer from the University of Concepción. He has participated in the development of financial and banking solutions, leading development teams at Banco Santander, Transbank, Banco Boston and Banco Estado. Technology Manager at Celeris and SeAprende. He has worked on large projects with clients such as Banco Estado, Falabella, Ripley, Walmart, Banco Santander, Farmacias Ahumada, Salfa Corp, AES Gener, among others.

dario liberona-2015-3

Dario Liberona

Founder / Business Development Manager

Executive with more than 20 years of experience in various industries and companies in the country, Manager at Entel, Banco de Chile, Banco Bice, Lider-Walmart and Transbank. Extensive experience in business development, products, sales and use of technology platforms for business development and support. Electronic Civil Engineering studies at the Federico Santa María Technical University, Master in Business Administration at the University of Santiago and international MBA at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Specialist in business development, strategic management, CRM, sales and marketing.